PSALM 103 : 17 - 18

For in union with Christ you have become rich in all things, including all speech and all knowledge.
1 Corinthians 1 : 5


Our Ministers
We thank You, Lord, for those You have called into full time service. They heard Your call, Lord, and are faithfully following Your instructions, will and way for their lives. Thank You for the many hours spent helping and counselling those in need. Thank You too, Lord, for the message they bring to us so regularly. You inspire them by Your Spirit Lord, and teach them Your will and way for their own lives as well as for the church and people that they serve. Bless them as they bring Your love into all that they do. Thank You for each one, Lord, and their families too, who support and encourage them in service to this community.

Our Church
Lord God, You have called us together in this community as Your church. Thank You for this place You have given us, and for each person who has joined as member here. May they grow in wisdom, knowledge and love as they serve You where You have placed them. You have established us to be light and love to all people, those who attend the meetings, and people in the suburbs all around here. Bless each member of this, Your church and community, Lord!

Church Leaders
The church needs people to help in different areas, Lord, and we give You thanks and praise for those who have stepped forward and accepted the responsibility of leading some particular ministry. They serve You well, Lord, through their faithfulness and hard work to ensure that others grow in knowledge of Your Word and Your Will. Bless all those who serve as leaders, Lord, and guide and teach them day by day. Thank You for their willingness to step forward to serve!

South Africa
Lord, we pray earnestly for our land and people. We pray that people will turn from their wicked ways, and come back to follow You. There are many in our land who are praying and pleading on behalf of South Africa, that all people will turn again to You, seeking Your leading in every part of our land. We thank You for those who faithfully follow You, and are willing to stand for righteousness and justice. Lord, guide those in government to seek You and follow Your will. God, bless South Africa, we pray, and raise up men and women who faithfully follow You in all their living!

The Needy
There are so many who are in need, Lord, and we bring them before You now, praying that You will restore them to full health. May Your presence bring them comfort in their time of need, and Your healing touch help them to regain health.

Monday  29 th May                  Psalm 136
Our Eternal God!   Give thanks to the Lord, for His love is eternal. He is in all and He created all. He loves all and He cares for us day by day. When we travel we walk on safe paths for He is there to guide us and protect us from evil and sin. He has given us the sun to light the day and the moon at night. He has looked after us from the beginning of time and will still be with us when our time on earth is complete. He provides for our needs, giving us food to eat. He watches over the animals of the earth, the plants and trees and all that we need for shelter. There is nothing that our Lord cannot do, for He is able to do all things. Give thanks to the Lord of Lords, our Eternal God and for His love that surrounds us every day of our lives, Our God is a good, good God. Praise His Holy Name!

Tuesday 30 th May                  Acts 9 : 1 - 19
Paul, faithful servant!   Have you ever wondered why Saul was chosen by the Lord to bring His message to the Gentiles? If we look at Saul’s background we find that we was most ardent in following the Jewish Laws and traditions. He studied for many years and was considered a great and learned man. Although he persecuted the people who were following Jesus through misguided beliefs, he was the ideal person that God could use for His purposes. Jesus, our Lord, met Saul on the Damascus road and made such an impression on him that Saul immediately changed and became a fervent believer. His depth of knowledge made him and ideal candidate to be a teacher and leader for Jesus. He was steadfast in his belief now that Jesus was the Son of God and he went all over teaching and establishing churches. God uses the most unlikely people to attain His purposes. He uses you and me to spread His Word of Jesus and His love. Praise the Lord always!

Wednesday 31 st May             Matthew 6 : 5 - 15
Prayer!   Prayer is just speaking to God of the deepest things on our heart. Prayer links our hearts to God and His presence encourages us. There is nothing that we cannot bring before Him, for He knows us so thoroughly. We don’t have to wait to get to church to speak to our Lord. No matter where; no matter when; no matter what we want to tell Him, He is waiting for us to come. Longing for God is the beginning of prayer. It is not fancy words, or a long tribute, but a heart-felt cry to the One who is closer than breathing. A longing for the presence of God is the touch of Him upon us. We seek Him. We tell Him we love Him. We confess our inadequacies. We praise Him and we love His presence and seek His guidance and His blessing. How can we not come to Him and tell Him we need Him. That is prayer!

Thursday 1 st June             Revelation 2 : 25 - 26
Stand Firm!  We are told to hold firmly to what we have. Hold fast to your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are all on the road that leads to Eternal life with our Lord. Don’t turn aside. Don’t give up the race to the finish line. Jesus is watching us in this race of life, and praying fervently that we do not falter on the way. His promise is to give us the same authority that God has given Him. With such a reward facing us how can we falter? Stand firm! Be faithful and loyal to Jesus, doing what He has instructed you to do, regardless of how other people view your deeds. You have been called by our Lord to follow Him all the days of your life and then be welcomed into Eternity by Jesus. The race of life is worth it. Don’t falter at the first hurdle. Carry on throughout life in hope and trust in the promises of our Lord and our God. Stand firm!

Friday 2 nd June                  1 Peter 4 : 7 - 11
Be a good manager!  God delights to send gifts to His children. He gives the gift that suits our ability and our personality, and tells us to use those gifts for the good of others. We honour God and His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, by working diligently at the task God has given to us. We must keep on with that task, long after others have given up. By doing so we bring honour to our Lord and we help many to draw closer to Him in a loving relationship. Do whatever you do for the Lord, with love. His love fills your heart and enables you to love abundantly, for He changes your heart to be yielding and caring about all those He places across your path. Work well at the task God has given you, for then you will honour Him in all your living. Be a good manager of the gift God has given. Work hard and honour the Lord in the task. Be a blessing to others, just as Jesus is a blessing to you!

Saturday 3 rd June              Matthew 19 : 23 - 24
Where does your treasure lie?   What do you count as treasure? Is it the income you have, or the amount of money in the bank; or the inheritance you are waiting for? Jesus tells us that it is harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God, than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Our priorities shouldn’t be for material wealth. God knows that we need money for living expenses, but He doesn’t want us to make money the priority. We should rather seek spiritual treasure – a close relationship with our Lord and living within our means. Money is a necessity, but its value should not be placed above relationships, family life and a faithful and loyal heart. As we seek to serve our Lord in the best way we can our living will be honoured by God. He is our Treasure! Put Him first in your life!

Sunday 4 th June
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. Praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our blessed Triune God. We come Lord God, to worship and praise You, for You are our beloved. You bless us so mightily Lord, and watch over our daily lives, ensuring our well-being at all times. How generous You are dear Lord, blessing us with life, and health and comfort. You guide us Lord, and teach us Your truths, so that we can know the way You desire us to live. We honour You Lord God, and praise Your mighty name. We come seeking Your presence, Lord, and Your word guides and helps us to live as You desire. It is joy, Lord, to know Your presence is with us, and that Your loving care watches over us and guides us on the path of righteousness. Teach us Your will and way each day Lord, so that we might give You honour in our living. Blessed is the Name of our Lord and our God! Holy is He and worthy of all praise. Hallelieuia!


As you come to Him, come as a weak child, one who is all soiled and badly bruised – a child that has been hurt from falling again and again. Come to the Lord as one who has no strength of his own; come to Him as one who has no power to cleanse himself. Humbly lay your pitiful condition before your Father’s gaze.
 While you wait there before Him, occasionally utter a word of love to Him and a word of grief over your sin. Then simply wait for a while. After waiting, your will sense when it is time to go on; when that moment comes, simply continue with the Lord’s Prayer.
As you speak the words, “Thy Kingdom come.” Call upon your Lord, the King of Glory, to reign in you.
Give yourself up to God. Give yourself to God so that He may do in your heart what you have so long been a failure in trying to do.
Acknowledge before Him His right to rule over you.

Experiencing the depths of Jesus Christ
Jeanne Guyon

e-mail – anngood@iafrica.com   


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